Management team

Pavel Loginov



Pavel Vyacheslavovich Loginov is a professional banker with a 20-year experience in the banking market.


Before joining Eurasian Bank he occupied the positions of Deputy Chairman of the Management Board and Chief Executive Officer in NOVIKOMBANK (since 2015), affiliated with Rostec Corporation. He was responsible for developing the development strategy of NOVIKOMBANK as a base bank of Russian industry, corporate business, SME, retail business, regional network, overdue debt operations, and interactions with GosOboronZakaz (Defense Procurement).


From 2008 to 2014 Mr. Loginov occupied the position of the Chairman of the Management Board of Metcombank, affiliated with Alexey Mordashov’s SeverStal Group of Companies. Under Pavel Loginov’s leadership a once small corporate bank transformed into a universal full-fledged financial institution and was in top -10 Russian banks by car loans portfolio, and started rendering high class service to companies in the SeverStal Group.

From 1997 to 2008 Mr. Loginov worked in Russian Credit, ONEXIM Bank, and Rosbank.


From 2001, as a Vice President he managed relations with Rosbank’s major corporate clients, including the companies: ALROSA, Norilsk Nickel, Krasnoyarsk Non-Ferrous Metals Plant, Lenzoloto, Matrosov Mine, Polyus, The National Bank and the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Belarus. In 2004-2008, as Director of Rosbank’s Central Territorial Administration he managed the project of integration of “Mutual Loan Association” and Rosbank.


In 1993 he graduated from Moscow Aviation Institute (Economic informatics and automated control systems) and Financial Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation, in 2002.  



Oleg Pechenkin




Oleg Vladimirovich has 22-year work experience in the finance sector. At Eurasian Bank supervises Operational Business and Information Technologies direction.


Before joining Eurasian Bank he occupied the position of Operations Director at Novikombank, where under his supervision a centralized operational block was created and defense procurement transactions monitoring service was built. From 2000 to 2015 he worked in major Russian banks at a senior management level in financial and operational blocks. Implemented projects related to banking activity automation, business process re-engineering, management reporting and budgeting system construction, quality management system implementation.


Mr. Pechenkin graduated from Moscow State Technical University with the specialty in Automated Projecting Systems and Academy of National Economy under the Government of the Russian Federation with the specialty of Financial Director and Budgeting. 


Nurbek Ayazbayev


Corporate Banking and ALM


Nurbek Ayazbayev joined the management team of Eurasian Bank in January 2010 as Managing Director supervising Treasury and Assets and Liabilities Management, a member of the Management Board. Beginning 2013 he holds the position of Deputy Chief Executive Officer.


Prior to joining Eurasian Bank, Mr. Ayazbayev has held the position of Advisor to the Chairman of the Board for investments at OAPF Otan JSC. 


From 2007 to 2009 Mr. Ayazbayev held the position of the Treasury Department Director at ATF Bank JSC, where he had been working since 1996 in various positions. 


Mr. Ayazbayev holds a Doctor’s degree from the International Academy of Business of the Republic of Kazakhstan awarded in 2010, and from Swiss Business School, awarded in 2011. 


Shukhrat Sadyrov



Shukhrat Sadyrov has 13-year experience in the banking sector in the field of corporate business management, marketing and strategic communications, crisis management. At Eurasian Bank, Mr. Sadyrov’s responsibility is to develop the corporate and SME business block.


Prior to joining Eurasian Bank, for 4 years he headed the corporate business block at Sberbank of Russia SB JSC, managed a regional network and implemented the company's strategy, previously worked for ATF Unicredit group, which, thanks to successfully implemented projects, took leading positions in the size of the corporate portfolio among Kazakhstan second-tier banks and became active participants in SME support programs through the Damu Fund.


Mr. Sadyrov is a graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, London School of Business and Cranfield School of Management, holds Master of Business Administration and Master of Finance degrees and is a member of the Board of the Bolashak Program Graduates Association.


Ivan Belokhvostikov 



Joined the management team of Eurasian Bank in February 2017 as Managing Director supervising retail business. Since February 2018 he has held the position of Deputy Chief Executive Officer, continuing to manage the Bank’s retail business.


Ivan Belokhvostikov has 12-year experience in development of retail and corporate business of major international and Russian banking groups of Société Générale, BNP Paribas, Russian Agricultural Bank, Probusinessbank and MTS-Bank. Has experience in withdrawing units from losses, controlling budget execution, ensuring revenue growth and guarantee portfolio (by 14% and 63% respectively), introducing new channels of attraction - partnership and telemarketing, managing retail and small business sales in the bank branch network (over 100 offices). Among his achievements is bringing the bank in less than 1 year into the top ten on retail lending and increasing the number of regions of presence by half (Paribas Vostok). He was engaged in client service modification, NPS implementation, and change in attitudes towards claim work.


Mr.  Belokhvostikov has a higher engineering and technical education (computing techniques and automated systems software), candidate of technical sciences, МВА (Management).


Sabyrzhan Bekbosunov



At Eurasian Bank supervises security service. Mr. Bekbosunov is a State Counselor of Justice of the 3rd class, worked for 37 years in law enforcement agencies. From 2003 to 2006 he held the post of Vice Minister of Justice. A recipient of the awards - Order of Respect and Order of Glory of the second grade and the medals of Astana, For Distinguished Labour, 10 Years of Independence of Kazakhstan, 10 Years of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 10 years of Astana.


Has a higher legal education: graduated from the Kazakh State University named after S. Kirov (Legal sciences). 


Dina Katekova



Dina Katekova joined the management team of Eurasian Bank in October 2016, in the position of Managing Director supervised the credit analysis block. In the position of Deputy Chief Executive Officer continues to supervise the Bank’s analytical block, which includes the functions of credit analysis of projects, analysis of the financial standing of potential corporate customers.


Ms. Katekova has been working in the financial system of the Republic of Kazakhstan since 2001, she has many years of experience including on the positions of the top manager in the field of corporate lending and strategic development in banks and other financial institutions: ATF Bank, Otan Open Pension Savings Fund, Standard Ins Insurance Company, KazExportGarant IC.


Has a higher education (mathematics and computer science specialty), Bachelor of Finance.


Natalya Druzhinina



Natalya Druzhinina came to the banking sphere in 1995 to the position of an inspector for record keeping of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In the National Bank, she worked until 2004, walked her path to Head Economist of Planning and Budget Control Division, took part in the formation of the business planning, control and analysis of the budget. From 2004 to 2007, Ms. Druzhinina worked at the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Regulation and Supervision of the Financial Market and Financial Organizations, where she was responsible for formation of the KPI and employee incentive systems and participated in development of the system for assessing profitability of subsidiaries. From 2007 to February 2018, Natalya Druzhinina worked at Sberbank SB JSC as Deputy Director of Budgeting and Planning Department, Deputy Director of Planning and Economic Department, Deputy Director of Finance Department, Director of Finance Department, where she took part in the development of business planning, economic motivation, management analysis, tariff policy, assessment of profitability of services, customers and products, in asset and liability management, as well as in expenditure management of the Bank.


Dmitry Brik



Having a significant experience in the banking sector, prior to his appointment to the post of the Chief Executive Officer, Dmitry Brik coordinated the work of the Eurasian Bank branches in the position of Advisor to the Chief Executive Officer.


Before joining Eurasian Bank PJSC, from 2014 he occupied the position of the Director of the Sales and Network Development Block of TRUST National Bank PJSC, providing administrative and functional direction of the regional network. From 2012 to 2014 he administered the day-to-day operations of St. Petersburg Branch of TRUST National Bank PJSC in the position of Deputy Head and Head of Branch.   


Has a higher legal education (The Leningrad State University named after A. S. Pushkin) and an additional professional education in Economics with degree in Business Administration (The St. Petersburg Institute of Additional Professional Education of the Employment Service)