Eurasian Bank presents Visa Diamond Card to the idol of millions

December 10, 2010, Almaty. Eurasian Bank came out as the main sponsor of "Unexpected Love" movie, starring a famous French actor Gerard Depardieu, which was premiered in Almaty and Astana on December 6 and 7, 2010. When meeting with Mr. Depardieu, the Bank's representatives made the actor a gift of Eurasian Diamond Visa Card.

Gerard Depardieu and Michael Eggleton, Eurasian Bank CEO

On December 6, the President Nursultan Nazarbayev visited "Kazakhstan" Central Concert Hall in Astana where a new movie was premiered. On December 7, Akhmetzhan Yesimov, the mayor of southern capital, visited the Almaty premiere of "Unexpected Love" in "Arman" cinema.

"Unexpected Love" is a heart story about the present days of our old folks, their life problems and drama, kind and bright relationships, their joys and living hope for better tomorrow. The movie tells the story of buddies who decided to marry their old pal Kaltay off, no matter what it takes. They do not suspect that soon they will fall into the curl of incredible but hilarious adventures.

During a gala dinner in Almaty, before the premiere, the delegation of Eurasian Bank ( presented Mr. Depardieu with Eurasian Bank’s Diamond Card, created on the platform of prestigious Visa Infinite. Eurasian Diamond Card is elaborated with a pure gold pattern and 0.02 carat genuine diamond.

"Oh, it has a drawing of the heart of gold! – was Depardieu’s delight exclamation at the sight of the card. - The movie we’re presenting today is about love and a symbol of movie is also the heart. It’s such a wonderful coincidence. But it’s not only about the movie! All people I’ve met in Kazakhstan - with the heart of gold. I thank the Bank for practical and handy gift which will remind of my work in Kazakhstan and all good people I've met here!"

"Eurasian Bank’s diamond card is ultra premium world-class product for wealthy clients. Today we present it to Gerard Depardieu as a mark of admiration for his talent"- said Michael Eggleton, CEO.

"During the filming Mr. Depardieu spoke French and film characters responded him in Kazakh, but they all understood each other perfectly well. Mr. Depardieu feels comfortable everywhere in the world and can easily find a common language with every person. Our Bank’s diamond card is a global, competitive world-wide product, which can be used in any country anywhere in the world. That is why today we presented it to our guest" - noted Dmitry Nikolin, Executive Director of Eurasian Bank.

Talgat Abukhalikov - deputy CEO, Gerard Depardieu, Dmitry Nikolin - Executive Director

Famous actor told about his work in Kazakhstan. Countryside near the city of Shymkent, a place where the shooting took place, seemed very familiar to the actor.

"I feel that my native France and Kazakhstan – are two very similar countries. Shooting in the vicinity of Shymkent reminded me of my childhood in the countryside. Simple life, family values, respect for elders and smiles of good people around – all this is very close and familiar to me. What a pity that I do not speak Kazakh! Kazakh is a beautiful, melodious language. It sounds to me very much like French. I would like to continue my work with Kazakhstani directors and to film here as much as possible. Hopefully I will learn your language a little bit! "- Mr. Depardieu shared his impressions at the gala dinner in honor of the premiere in Almaty.

Photopgapher - Alex Bezuglyh

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